Anonymous: I WANT A SELFIE


late night selfie? i look horrible my low self-esteem without makeup :/ 

i swear the plant is gonna die 
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Posted on October 21


hot damn this family is gorgeous

I want the mellet genes ugh
Title: Q & SLAY
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Tuesday , Oct
Anonymous: Im sorry I'm such a bad friend. We never really talk and trust me I want to but I'm to scared and nervous because I feel like I'll fuck it up.

no no don’t worry, you won’t fuck up. just talk to me i’m always active :D

I had been really depressed this year. I been cutting and I feel like I needed to stop hurting myself. I put Troyler on my wrist because I adore troyler and it’ll make me put my razor down.
My biggest fear is not geeing notified when Freak updates.

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Got my vaccine today. Look at my tan line oh gosh